Mediterranean Cruises to Rome and Venice

A cruise on the Mediterranean Sea is a great way for travelers to experience the rich culture and history of the well known region. There is a plethora of choices for a Mediterranean cruise itinerary, and there are about fifty cruise lines operating all around the Mediterranean Sea and more than fifty ports of call. Travelers will experience an adventure-filled cruise that can last anywhere from ten to fourteen days.

A cruise on the Mediterranean provides a wide array of cultures, flavors and historical sites. Each of the cruising routes has a bunch to offer any wide-eyed tourists. There are cruise ships that sail year round, but the best season for Mediterranean cruises is probably between April and October.


Travelers can take Rome cruises that depart from the Civitavecchia, Mediterranean Cruise Travel which is known as the gateway city to Rome. Most of the cruise lines that offer Mediterranean cruises are operating from Rome. Travelers will start their cruise from here and go on to any point around the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruisers can spend several days visiting various historic sites of the ancient city. You could take a trip to the historic Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, as well as the Vatican. After tasting some of the fine local pasta, you could toss a coin in the ever popular Trevi Fountain. Cruises here are also available during any month of the year.


Another unique and exciting choice would be to take a cruise from the romantic city of Venice. Tourists can have a wonderful experience while sailing through the Guidecca Canal into Venice, but the best way to discover Venice is probably by foot. The streets are actually cobbled and free of cars, as well as full of canals and historic bridges.


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