Asking Questions Will Win You the Job

Many people blow the interview right here, because they don’t know to have good questions ready to ask, so they say, “Nope.” Dumb, dumb, dumb. By asking questions,civirtualtours you’ll get great answers “straight from the horse’s mouth” to help you decide whether or not you want the job. And, it helps you make a great first impression. Here are some questions you should ask the interviewer.

How did you get started in this business?

If you don’t ask any other question, you’ll score a lot of points with this one, especially if they are the owner of the company or have been there a long time and, vitamondo worked their way up in the company. Listen very closely and make notes of things you can relate to, but don’t butt in. Save it for after they stop talking. Be sure you don’t get into an “I can top that,” response. Remember, you’re looking for a job!

What plans do you have, or does the company have, for growing the business?

What would you say is the company’s best selling point for customers?

In the job that I’m applying for, what is the, 1stchoicepestcontrol logical career path and timeline for moving up in the company?

What are the company’s best features for new employees?

Do you have an employee-training program? Would you explain it?

How did this job become open?

Are there any specific challenges for someone in this job? (Listen and make notes)

Are there any changes or challenges, randygoodwin the company has recently gone through (i.e., merger, buyout, or any problems from the list on page 129)?

May I get a quick tour of the place?

Please don’t say anything like the following:

If I want to take time off during hunting season, will that be problem?

I’ve got this rotten tooth right here (show it), al3abgame and all five of my kids need braces. Do you have a dental plan?

Can we smoke in the building or do I have to go outside on smoke breaks all the time?

How many sick days and holidays do I get if I work here?

How many breaks can we take each day?

How much vacation time do we get?

I’m single. Do a lot of women work here?

Are you married to the boss’ daughter? If not, optoki is she available? Do you have a picture of her somewhere?

How in the world did somebody like you get a job like this?

I’m a nervous type. Would it be O.K. to take a few snorts of whiskey and smoke a bunch of cigarettes during lunch to calm my nerves?

How soon can I get on the insurance program? My wife/husband has a lot of problems. And my mother-in-law gives me migraine headaches. The doctor can increase my pain meds as soon as I get some insurance.

You don’t expect me to talk to customers, do ya?

My car/truck’s making a funny noise. How many times can I be late for work before I get into trouble?

What’s that smell?

Is that your real hair?

These questions will get you shown to the door faster than burping aloud, smoking, cursing or cutting the cheese.

You would probably never ask these types of questions. But, some people have. Now you know the scoop. Use your head.

Now that you have a very comprehensive list of questions and answers, study them and memorize as many as you can. At least get the general idea of the answers, so you’ll be ready for the questions.

I’m sure that you realize by now that you are so far ahead of your competitors, it’s not even funny.

You will see the reaction to your answers from the interviewers, and realize that you’re not the average Joe/Jane Shmoe looking for a job. You will start to feel better about your performance with each interview. I’d like to think that you will get a job offer the first time that you apply these Secrets. And you might. Hooray! But if you don’t, that’s O.K. You’ll be building your self-confidence more and more, and that will make you stronger and a better person in all aspects of your life.


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