How to Break the News of Your Pregnancy

As soon as a woman knows she is pregnant a gamut of emotions come into play. Depending on the circumstances and the state of the relationship with her partner, breaking out the news could be a worrisome affair. There has been quite a debate on when is the proper time to break the news. Perhaps, before you could even determine the most appropriate time to announce this even, you should first determine why proper timing is important. What more, there are a number of imaginative ways of announcing your big news.

Sharing the big news that moment you find out

The nice thing about sharing the news the very moment you confirm you are pregnant is that you will get all kinds of help from friends and family. Even the happiness is shared around. You get to hear all of their advices and suggestions. The expectant mother will have enough time to sort out all the information and advices she receives and decide on the best medical facilities and doctor. In the unfortunate event that a miscarriage happens, then she will have more than enough dose of comfort and sympathy from her friends and family surrounding her.

On the other hand, the downside of letting everybody know about your pregnancy in its early stage is the unstoppable flow of advice and suggestions. Then also, if the pregnancy unfortunately is pre-terminated, you will have to tell the sad circumstance over and over again to a lot of people.

Deciding on how to break the news

The mother has the right to decide who she wants to share the good news with, aside from her partner and family. The mother should carefully choose to whom she should share the news. Of course letting her partner in on the secret first strengthens their bond with the child. The father can share in the responsibility of planning for the future, allow him to give his share of advice as well and the wonderful happy, feeling with the rest.

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Deciding on the method of how you will share the news of your pregnancy, especially to your partner is very important. Stir away from the conventional ways and be more creative. You could prepare a wonderful romantic dinner that will always be marked because of the memory of the good news. You can drop a hint by serving baby food for dessert. You can also watch a movie for babies such as Nine month or Junior. You can practice your imagination by writing it in a piece of paper and stick it inside the DVD. If you can find one, buy a T-shirt which says “Daddy”. The usual hints are baby keychain, baby book, and various bay playthings.

Sharing the good news with family and friends

Sharing the good news can be done by sending a card with a name you have chosen for the baby together with a sonogram. Of course, you have to consider how close your relationship is with your friends. Or you can send them a photo of you and your partner, but keeping your growing belly out of the picture.


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