Time Is a Healer – A Simple 2-Step Exercise That Illustrates the Healing Power of Time

Time is a healer

Don’t let anyone tell you any different. OK, yes I am sure it doesn’t cure one hundred percent of ailments that are related to how we feel about ourselves, the world and other people. It still is however, bunnydirectories a hugely successful healer within that arena. Try the following exercise on yourself for an illustration of what I mean.

A simple exercise to illustrate the healing power of time

Go back in your mind anything from three to six years or so. Go back in your mind to an event or period of time that was a very traumatic experience for you personally in terms of its emotional painfulness. It could be an event that related to your financial situation, family relationship, romantic involvement or business circumstances. For this to work properly, you must choose a time that was truly traumatic for you and that involved real and personal pain. It was the worst of times and while in it, you had no idea how to survive it. Now, moving forward in your mind, look at it in the context of where you are today in your life. Look how far back in time that specific set of circumstances now is. Yes, you can still look back and see that it was not a pleasant time. You may even still get some of the feelings relating to it come back into your chest or your stomach, when thinking about it now.

But ask yourself, does it give you even a fraction of the intense and all consuming emotional trauma that it did at the time all those years ago? I’m imagining it doesn’t. The reason you are not feeling that intense pain now, is that time is a healer. To be more specific the human body is a fantastic and amazing; physical, mental and emotional coping and healing mechanism. In the same way that happiness is not constant for us, emotional pain and upset, changes over time too. It changes into something much more manageable. In the same way I have described to you that happiness drops a level into contentment, For more info please visit these sites:- https://iemlabs.com/
https://businessupside.com/ with time severe emotional pain drops a level or three also. The key lesson to take is this. If you or someone close to you are going through something that is immensely painful right now, I know it’s not the best consolation, but hopefully you can see from the evidence above that it will not feel this way forever. In the not too distant future the situation will look very different and most probably be a lot less painful.

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