Working at Home – How to Survive a Busy Day

Contrary to popular belief, time management and overwhelm are work at home issues to be taken seriously.

Those of us who work at home have many of the same pressures and time constraints as those who work out of the home and battle on the job overwhelm and stress just the same as everybody else. thebusinessdays

Deadlines, customer care, slow days, busy days.

We have them too.

And often we have children and home responsibilities to deal with while we are working.

I probably don’t have to tell you, some days are a matter of just getting as much done as we can and getting through.

Hopefully to catch our breath tomorrow.

Here are a few tips to help those days go a little smoother for everyone.

1. If you have children to look after, consider childcare until the rush is over. Most times it’s worth the time and expense many times over. Or trade off with another busy mom, you will both benefit and so will the kids.

2. Do what ever you can ahead. Make any part that you can of meals ahead, either with long term freezer cooking or day ahead or morning prep. Plan snacks ahead and have plenty on hand. Set anything up that you can and have what ever possible organized and ready to cut down on time, confusion and frustration. bareng88

3. Hit the ground running. Don’t waste time on anything that isn’t helping you to get your work done. Clear your schedule, don’t take on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, no matter who’s asking. Sometimes it’s OK to say no. Don’t assume that you will have enough time. Assume that you won’t and plan accordingly. Always allow extra time to completion.

4. If things don’t go according to plan and your best doesn’t quite cut it, always keep in touch with customers or clients who are counting on you. Be honest. Most times they will be understanding and extend the deadline, happy to be kept in the loop.

5. Don’t expect too much of yourself. You are not superhuman. Do your best and be happy with that. There is always another day. storygame

On those days when things seem out of control, maybe the most important thing to remember is to be grateful. Busy is good. It means that we are doing something right. sportsyearly

Look at it as an opportunity to shine, to go above and beyond. Somehow, that makes it all easier.

And will help to ensure you of more busy days ahead.

To get more tips on coping with those busy days and work at home overwhelm, don’t miss out on the next issue of The Queen of KAOS – WAHM in Focus.


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