Approaching Women and Starting Conversations – 4 Magical Tips to Massive Attraction

Approaching women and starting conversations is not a skill only available to guys who have Brad Pitt good looks, charm and a bank account. Average looking guys and even below average looking guys also posses the ability to meet beautiful women too. You just have to know how to go about the approach and I will show you a few tips to get you started.

1. Attitude is Everything: You need to portray an air of confidence. This sends out subliminal messages that makes a woman take notice and want to open up to find out who this confident man is and why he is so confident. Women are drawn to and love to hang out with confident men. So don’t check your ego at the door here but do not go overboard either, have balance.

2. Have Something Prepared: Pick up lines get a bad rap because they are used the wrong way and at the wrong time. If you have a few openers prepared you wont freeze up when its show time. You don’t want to use something cheesy so I recommend a question opener that will get her talking something like “Hey whats your thoughts on…. or Hey whats your opinion on….” this is non threatening and engaging and if you get this right your in.

3. Get Your Stories Together: A dirty little trick when approaching women and starting conversations is having prepared stories to tell. These stories do not have to be about you they can be about anyone or any social situation or worldly view but have them prepared to tell. A man who can keep a woman’s attention with interesting stories wins. Stay on top of the daily news and entertainment blogs even magazines for women to get topics to create stories around. Specialist talks

4. Demonstrate High Social Status: This will attract more women to you more than anything else and allow you to open conversations effortlessly. Be the life of the party. Be confident, witty, intelligent and commanding and people will defer to you and all the women will take notice and want to start and be involved in conversations with YOU. Show people your someone who demands attention but don’t push it to jerk status.

Approaching women and starting conversations are easy when you apply these simple rules. Go be social.

Stop the loneliness of not having the attractive woman or women you want by tonight. Stop watching beautiful women look at you and just walk by because you do not know what to say or do. You can turn this around immediately and have a beautiful new woman or women by tonight. There are some very easy to learn techniques that I could not discuss here that will help you fix this immediately and you can get it for free.


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