The Book of Eli by Sam Moffie

Eli Canaan was a good man – not great by any means but good. Why? He was unfaithful to his wife. He was a philanderer and committed adultery many times. However, in his opinion, he was a good man because he did all the right things. For instance, he worked hard and was well respected, did not steal, liked animals, honored his mother and father and washed his hands after going to the bathroom. These “good” traits are just a few. There are many, many more listed that Eli believed made him a good man. boccaccioravello

Eli’s wife, Abigail, limited their sexual activity to 2.5 times per month. What in the world is the .5 you ask? Well, you will have to read the book to find the answer. I won’t even try to answer that one!

Eli’s favorite partner was Mary. They would meet two times a week to do their “thing”. Eli met Mary at a little league baseball game. Both of their sons were on the team that Eli coached. Abigail had a hunch Eli was being unfaithful to her but she was not sure who he was playing around with. She decided to go to a Gypsy to have a hex placed on Eli. The Gypsy charged Abigail $1,000 to do the job. She also warned Abigail to be careful about what she wished for. coloradoskihome

Eli thought he was dreaming and heard a voice call out to him. It was the voice of God but it sounded like Orson Welles. He was now in heaven and he ended up talking to God about his adultery. Eli then meets his guide, Julius, who is really Groucho Marx with cigar and all. Julius and Eli have a long conversation. Eli learned many interesting things from Julius like good people and children have the option of returning as a dog or cat to a loving family. However, bad people end up as a reincarnated abused dog or cat. Since Eli had a one track mind, all he could think of is he wanted to return as a tomcat. Eli then has a chance to meet and talk with several other famous people including Sigmund Freud.

What happens to Eli?

Satire is defined as “A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.” When you read The Book of Eli, you will see why Sam Moffie is a master at writing this type of literary work. If readers do not understand the meaning of satire, they will surely know what it means by the conclusion of The Book of Eli.

Sam Moffie is also known for creating quirky characters. The Book of Eli is no exception. The peculiar characters found in this book will charm the reader.

The main thing I got out of reading this book is the author’s dislikes of what is happening in today’s world. He gets his points across by using his knack of humor and wit to bring these thoughts to the attention of the reader. Wit and humor also play a major role in satire.

I was never an avid reader of satire until Sam Moffie ‘s writing gave me the opportunity to enjoy this type of literary work. I really got “hooked” while reading The Book of Eli and did not want to stop turning the pages. Through his writing, Sam is an excellent teacher and this is what it takes to get one interested in satire. I say this because this type of writing is also thought provoking and it keeps the reader wondering about the points the author is trying to make. Sam does an excellent job of making the reader understand what he is saying. For more info please visit these sites :-

There are so many humorous situations in this book that, at times, it had me laughing out loud. I really liked Eli’s discussion of how much athletes are being paid today. I’ll let you read this yourself because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Sam Moffie’s descriptive writing will also make the readers feel they are part of the story. I almost felt like I was right there listening to the conversation between Eli and Julius.


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