What Are the Services of a Specialist Clinic Offering Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Being morbidly obese has many life limiting effects and it’s very difficult for obese people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The good news is that there are surgical procedures available such as gastric bypass surgery which can be used as a last resort while trying to lose weight.

What Happens in Bypass Surgery
The Roux-en-Y procedure is the most popular form of gastric bypass surgery which involves the stapling of a small sector located at the top of the stomach in order to create a small pouch. After this is done, a small portion of the small intestine is bypassed and the remaining part is reattached to the new pouch, due to which stomach contents empty directly into it. Gastric bypass surgery causes less absorption of calories and nutrients within the small intestine, thereby facilitating weight loss. A laparoscopic keyhole technique is adopted which might take about 1 or 1 and a half hours of surgery and 2 -3 nights stay in the hospital. This method has been found to be highly advantageous in fighting some of the obesity related diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea etc which go into remission after weight loss.

Gastric Band Surgery
A popular option for those who don’t wish to have an irreversible surgery is the gastric band surgery. This procedure helps people feel full and satiated all the time. An inflatable silicone band is fitted around the top portion of the stomach which effectively reduces the stomach’s size, making it smaller and unable to hold more than a handful of food. People lose all interest in eating which helps them to shed much of their excess body fat. This is a reversible operation and has many advantages. For one, the tightness of the gas band can be adjusted and since this a keyhole surgery, patients will require lesser post surgery recovery time. Nothing is being permanently altered in the body which means gives people the freedom to discontinue with it if they want to at some later date. ftm surgery

Hospitals Specializing in Gastric Surgeries
It must be remembered that these surgeries have far reaching repercussions and must be resorted to when all other options have been exhausted. Specialist hospitals offer weight loss and management programs and full surgery options such as gastric band, gastric balloon, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures. Packages usually cover pre operation consultations with surgeons, dieticians, anesthetists and psychologists, if necessary. Surgery fees, in hospital costs, treatment costs for any complications within the first few months of surgery, periodic appointments with the team of doctors for a few months after surgery are also included.

Specialist health care facilities offering bypass gastric surgery often have easy to pay finance schemes for those who need it. If your obesity problem is hampering your life, just make an appointment for a free consultation to know more about your options.


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