Best Gold Coast Beach To Exercise Your Dog

The Gold Coast has numerous pet friendly areas to exercise your dog; it’s also pet friendly when it comes to bringing your pooch on holiday with you, with many off leash dog parks.

Palm Beach would have to be one of the best locations on the Gold Coast to walk your dog. It’s here in quiet Palm Beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast where ‘dog heaven is’. You can enjoy water sports, go fishing and bring the whole family including the family pet all in this one location. whatinasia

There are three options below in the area for exercising your dog on the beach off leash, including a large off leash dog park area.


  • North Palm Beach
  • South Palm Beacg
  • Eddy Kornhauser Recreational Park, Guineas Creek Road Elanora


South Palm Beach- Palm Beach Parklands

South Palm Beach is where Palm Beach Parklands is located. This is a wonderful pet friendly Gold Coast off leash exercise area for your dog, although make sure you adhere to the Gold Coast Council signage and keep out of the areas not nominated for dog walking or you could end up with a fine. Braking news

On the weekend the area is alive with activity a virtual maze of dogs and children constantly on the move. Most of this activity takes place on the small strip of beach that faces the lagoon, this long strip of land is called Currumbin Spit (but it’s in Palm Beach) The ocean side of Currumbin Spit is also an off leash exercise area. It’s a great place to take the rest of the family, not only your dog. investorpedia

While walking along this small stretch of beach you rarely hear a growl or see a skirmish, just yelps of excitement, although sure as night follows day there will be the occasional unruly pooch.

The camaraderie amongst the chaos of many furry bodies all shapes and sizes, chasing balls and tumbling into the water is amazing and amusing to watch. If you weren’t a dog owner you could be tempted to run out and buy one just to be part of the action.

This pet friendly recreational area is also utilised for other activities:


  • Wind Surfing
  • Stand up paddle
  • Personal trainer with their charges
  • Community group activities


Need a bit of me time?

If you can escape and ditch the kids and dog and leave them with the rest of the family and get some time for you why not go for a walk. There are a number of options to choose from; buycocaineonline

Walk the perimeter of Currumbin Spit around 1 kilometre, check out the wind surfers or board riders on the ocean side of Currumbin Spit, you can take your dog here and let him off leash.

No dogs allowed here at Tarrabora Reserve

Take a walk through Tarrabora Reserve just past the children’s Pirate Ship play area and watch the activities from the other side of the lagoon; however you can’t take your dog with you.

At the end of Tarrabora Reserve continue on along Currumbin Creek to the Beree Badalla Boardwalk about 2 kilometres round trip.

On the way back grab a coffee at the Dune Cafe and lunch for those still on the beach, they probably are having so much fun they didn’t even miss you. brisbaneminiexcavators

North Palm Beach Dog Exercise Area 

North Palm Beach dog exercise area is right on the beach next to the rock groyne under the shadow of beautiful Burleigh Headland National Park. The same scenario repeated here a hive of movement, dozens and dozens of Gold Coast dogs frolicking in the ocean. Chasing and retrieving balls, greeting each other like it’s a weekly meet-fest on the beach.

Dogs seem to know that parks and beaches are common ground and a place to interact with their owners and their ‘doggy friends’. It’s fun time at Palm Beach dog exercise area. goldcoastclearcarts

If you prefer a quieter area visit during a week day there are far less people and dogs about and if your dog is a little boisterous or nervous this would be a good introduction to the area.


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