Honda Motor Company Developing New Hybrid Cars

Electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles have been at the center of the recent research development effort from most automotive companies. It is not a secret that today’s consumers want fuel efficient eco friendly cars, niceasicminer and they wanted them yesterday. This has led to a scramble for automotive companies to nab thousands of buyers who are awaiting the right electric or hybrid car for their daily life.

Recently the Honda Motor Company has announced its outlined plan for the company’s push to develop fuel efficient and eco friendly cars for the United States and Japanese markets. A plug in from the company is expected to go on sale as soon as 2012. They will use the next generation Honda Civic model to introduce the company’s first hybrid with a lithium-ion battery. The Honda Civic is one of the company’s most successful cars and it will serve as an excellent way to start gaining customers that are worried about the fuel efficiency of their cars.

Honda’s new aggressive plan to introduce new fuel efficient cars in the United States includes the participation of Stanford University, Google Inc., and the City of Torrance, CA. Torrance is expected to get the first plug-in hybrid test vehicle in the United States this year. The plan seems to be nearing its final stages as Honda rolls out its test vehicles in the United States and Japan. The company should see some immediate success with the introduction of the Civic hybrid because of the cars already high sales numbers and well known brand name. promote


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