Blue-Sky Route – Part 1 – “Mad Merry-Go-Round”

Quite frequently we make choices, considering awareness development, under the influence of suffering. Lack of opportunities in finding satisfying solutions for afflicting problems, curiosity in internal landscape or the continuation of the way of beings, which became our ideal, are rather rare reasons of self- interest, transgressing beyond accepted life style.

Beginnings are usually difficult. As a result of my experiences, I know that conscious work with subliminal level of life (from this place we set out on the “blue-sky rout”) is easier and more efficient, if it is strengthened by, a well understanding our needs group.

“Realization” of blockades can be linked by pleasant sensations if we are open, for example, for self working ways, which are connected with feelings of pleasure (art therapy). skywings

Feelings of joy accompanied by creative realization through elements of energetic exercises, dance or music therapy makes easier to cope with volatile moods or even somatic ailments (which often imitate disease of physical body) which appear during the therapy.

Systemic work on the rooting out of old ideas should not, restrict participation in workshops. New visions of self and own life support by techniques of work with the mind (between others – visualization), should find reflections in creativity, which like workshop methods, then become specific, and in my belief, a most efficient catharsis. On this level creativity can exonerate decks of fear, for which the best counterweight represents passion, accompanied by engaged activity. At this stage the answer to a question:

“What do I like?” regards not only our imagination of this subject, but also feelings.

I can not imagine the passionate creativity without powerfully, supporting ones activity, and positive emotions.Then, and only then, we are able to overcome many limiting our creative field weaknesses, which are caused by deeply suppressed fear. This is very difficult and filled by laborious work and many periods of doubt, but when we get rid of relatively small part of ballast, we feel relief. affluentwords

Suddenly the situations in which we endured many years upsetting experiences became neutral feeling and sometimes even feelings of satisfaction in which is the best measure of our personal change is achieved.

After long (different people need different amount of time) training in a range of creativity balanced with feelings (creation from the level of intuition), our opportunities for establishing more beneficial conditions of life are coming of age. Blogline

Slowly we become experts in domain of “block arranging “on our life chessboard.

But heads up! If we still have the wherewithal of “voyager of own interior”, beware of a material merry-go-round trap. My experience suggest that on this stage, many people very often yield the illusion of material manipulations, which? they had created by themselves.

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