What Makes the Chinese Series Stand Out From the Rest?

Though Chinese series is often criticized as a knock-off or cheap reproduction of Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean series, shows like Yanxi Palace and The Legend of Fuyao are some of the most popular Chinese series watched worldwide thanks to global streaming sites. Despite their criticism, the series offers compelling reasons for viewers to watch them and even invest their feelings into the series.

Considerations during Production

Production companies of Chinese series ensure that they produce the highest quality dramas or C-Dramas as they are called. Increasing demand for premiere viewing content, Wbseries Media especially in mainland China tightens the competition to the extent that production companies focus more on the details, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in terms of the set’s designs and the actors’ costumes. There is visible elegance and exuberance in the depictions of the characters in these dramas, making the viewers crave such a flawless appearance.

Production companies themselves do not always choose actors with a huge fan base but with good acting skills. The cast members of some of the series are a perfect fit for the role they play. Several actors of C-dramas like Yang Mi, Deng Lun, Song Wei Long, and others have established their reputation through their acting skills, which is equated with their brand.

Stories with real-life reflections

Given that China is a traditionally patriarchal society, it is hard to imagine women being more than subservient, helpless characters, let alone the character driving the story. However, series offers a different picture and cast strong, empowered female characters in both period and contemporary series. Series like Mulan, The Yanxi Palace, The Legend of Fuyao, and Princess Agents are filled with empowered women driving the story’s narrative.

Chinese series are highly relatable for an average viewer, portraying and weaving family ties as important. Given that China was a feudal country in the past, concepts of honor and heroism run deep in these stories. Honor and the thirst for heroism often serve as the motivation for the protagonist to achieve something. Moreover, a story where goodness finally prevails is loved by all.

Given the importance production companies of series give to the slightest of details, viewers get to experience life in China as it was in the time the story is set in. Viewers are guaranteed to be transferred to the realm of China and will experience it through its customs, cuisine, architecture, and others.

How the series progresses

While Korean series concludes after 16 episodes, series are more likely to last longer, going beyond 40 episodes, which allows them to expand the story and the characters providing a product with the finest details. The viewers would be engrossed in the story characterized by the right pacing, that they may not realize time has flown by, by the time they finish a series. China is a vast land and brings diverse experiences spread across time, which provide an endless stream of materials and stories to make a gripping series from.


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