Funny Things to Text a Girl You Like – Cute and Sweet Text Messages For Her

Anyone with a sense of humor can easily charm a girl and get into a lovely relationship with her. However, he must be interested in learning more about it.

It is advisable to try to develop this streak and go through humorous text messages to send a girl as this will definitely produce great results.

There is no doubt that girls enjoy being in the company of a witty person. Laughter should be spontaneous and even if you have to introduce some funny jokes with sexual overtones, it is important to be able to deliver them correctly.

Here are some funny things to text a girl when you wish to get some emotional response from her:

Funny jokes that can be sent as text messages –

You: “Do you know sweetie why Goofy wear two pairs of pants when he plays golf:-)??

It is because he thinks that he might get a hole in one!!!” dirty text to send your girlfriend

Start with an innocent fun joke and slowly move to jokes that have sexual innuendos. For instance a favorite one is:

The judge tells Mickey that he cannot grant divorce cause of Minnie is mentally insane. Then Mickey says, “I did not say she was insane – I said she was plain freaking Goofy!”

These jokes will certainly interest a girl especially when you are trying to strike up a conversation and creating a bond.

Some girls understand and like to get dirty jokes as text messages –

Jokes that may be considered gross can sometimes spark off an interest especially when the girl understands the subtle humor. Try sending her one of these texts and notice her response carefully.

Lady Gaga is a popular figure and many jokes have been centered on her. You can use them as your advantage. For an example, see below text message:

“How does she like her meat?

Rah- Rah- Rah – Ah- Aw!!!”

These jokes may not last long as she is now on a different level where she preaches a lot and sends out different messages. Try to incorporate sounds when you send some funny jokes relating to Lady Gaga for added excitement.

Another familiar character you can quip on is Sean Connery. Many people have tried impersonating him.

His last film “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” did not give him excellent ratings. However, if you send a dirty text joke that goes like this?

You: “Do you know [put her nickname which you have given her here] when Sean Connery like to hit his balls??

I know you can’t guess it:p. It is in Tennish!!!”

This may conjure up a picture of Sean Connery and a girl may become emotionally excited though it is a goofy picture but a clever funny text message.

Snoop Dogg jokes –

Snoop Dogg is a funny character who has been able to captivate many people through his jokes. You can get more information about him on YouTube and share it with your girlfriend. She may send you one that she has heard recently.


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