Save Time and Money With a Postage Meter

Having your own postage meter can be a real asset to either an individual or a business. Having access to your own meter can help you save time and money as you will no longer need to run to the post office every time you have a package to mail or run out of postage. You can simply weigh the package and then print out the correct amount of postage. Then all you do is arrange for your letter carrier to collect it. Postager

Here is how a postage meter works. You simply sign up with a postage-providing company. These companies in turn will send you a meter and a scale. Once you have received your meter you will call the company and purchase your postage. How much you want is up to you unless your company has a minimum requirement. TheRussia

The company will then give you a code to enter on your meter and then you are all set. You then run your letters through the meter which will postmark and stamp the correct amount of postage. Many of these meters will also seal the envelope for you. If you have a larger package you will just print the postmark on to a specific label and then attach it to your package. Then you are ready for pick up. Rottenpanda

Before you sign up for service there are a few things that you should consider. For example, is the meter and their equipment easily upgraded when the postage rates change? With the ever-increasing fuel costs, Jetfuelmeals postage rates can be expected to raise several times in the next few years. Some companies give you the upgrade for free with your service contract however there are others which require you to pay for the upgrades. So check that first as some companies charge a hefty fee for upgrades.

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Another thing you should check for before signing up with a postage meter company is whether they supply you with the supplies. These include the ink for the meter printing and the postage labels. These items can end up costing you or your company a lot of extra expenses so make sure you know what is included in your contract.

When you use a meter for your postage you or your company will need to be careful as there are guidelines that you must follow or you can lose your meter or the privilege of having one. One thing that you must make sure you do is use the correct date when you are metering your mail. You are forbidden from back dating your postage or predating it. The post office takes this very seriously so make sure you check the date before you begin metering your mail.

Having your own meter to run your mail can be a great time saver for you or your company. It allows you to meter both letter and packages of almost any size. It keeps you in your home or office and out of the lines at the post office which can save both your time and money. So you may want to consider running your own mail with a postage meter


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