Dating Game Rules for Ladies Only

Dating – the game of getting to know who to court with a view to marriage – would continue to be a game of excitement for those who learn and play by the rules. It would, however, be a battle for those who ignore or break the rules. Following the rules will sure enhance a lady’s attractiveness while breaking or ignoring them has power to kill whatever attractiveness a lady may have physically or mentally

Here are a few rules of the game that would be helpful to the ladies:

• Thou Shall Not Be Clingy With A Date: This might sound like a tall order for today’s young single adult women who have been taught by movies and television and advertising that their lives depend on falling into a man’s palms to be cuddled and caressed. It is also in the nature of women to be clingy. There is nothing wrong with the clingy nature of women. It is just that this bonding and affection growing activity is reserved for married couples. While there is nothing wrong with patting him on the shoulder for telling a good joke or touching his hands while saying goodbye, there are much that is wrong if you start giving him a bear hug, สล็อตออนไลน์ putting your head on his chest, caressing or touching vulnerable parts of his body. If you break this rule, you will end up frightening off the man. Even when he appears to enjoy it, a serious man who is not planning to take advantage of you would conclude that you are desperate and probably too needy. This is a serious attraction killer.

• Thou Shall Not Keep Him Waiting: Many out there think that if you keep a guy waiting, it would build up his desire. It has even been recommended that ladies should be fashionably late to dating meetings to arouse expectation. Being fashionably late may work in certain situations, but certainly not in the dating game. The great guys who are worth your while are busy with careers and other involving social lives and would have limited patience to sit down and wait for someone who has chosen to be fashionably late.

• Thou Shall Not Dress Casually To A Date Meeting: It is true that we should wear things that make us comfortable, especially on a date so that we can act naturally. However, you cannot be too comfortable by dressing casually to a dating outing. Too much of anything is bad. While on a date, take extra care to find something feminine and more attractive to wear. Wear something that calls attention to your figure as a lady.

• Thou shall show your intelligence, but….: Guys, especially the correct ones like a lady who is intelligent, logical and smart. In fact, ladies who are smart present sexier image in the heart of the man than mere good looks. Personality, smartness and good looks blended is more important in winning the dating game than all the sexual wiles a woman can cast on a man. However, you have to be careful or the use of your intelligence alone would weaken your game plan. You need to blend your intelligence with some jokes, teases and mild flirtation to generate some sexual tension.

• Thou Shall Remain Mysterious: In the dating game, it is profitable to have some mystery around you. Do not be easy to figure out. People erroneously believe that a man would make his move for committed relationship immediately he is able to figure the woman out. That is not really the case. Men are typically afraid of commitment. You have to sustain their interest for a long time to give them the reason and impetus to make a commitment. A woman naturally have an aura around her that is indescribable. It is a lot like a great thriller and suspense filled novel. Each chapter should end hanging up so that the urge to move to the next chapter is irresistible. Remaining unpredictable would ensure that he lives in anticipation of what other cool ideas and interests you would bring or arouse.

• Thou Shall Not Succumb to Sex: Even if your man is so captivating that you are yourself tempted to have sexual relationship with him, resist it. If he asks for it, it is a bad sign of lack of respect for your person. If your relationship tends towards sex when you have not yet married, run. In fact, if you stop the dating abruptly as a result, you have a chance of getting your guy trained to respect you more and for a chance for him to trust you enough for commitment. Sexual intercourse is a major attraction killer. The chance that the sexual act would be thrilling enough to make him want to commit is zero.


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