Grand Canyon Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) Helicopter, Airplane Sightseeing Tours

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style by heading to Vegas? If so, you’ll be fairly close to the Grand Canyon, so you should top off your celebration with an air tour over the spectacular natural formation. It’s a romantic and adventurous experience, Jeeter but Valentine’s Day is a busy time for air tours of the Canyon, so you need to get your tour booked as soon as possible.

Flights from Vegas go to the West Rim and the South Rim, which is farther away in Arizona. Tours depart hourly on Valentine’s Day, just like they do every day of the year. There are two basic tour options that let you choose an air-only tour or one that lands at the Canyon.

If you choose a West Rim tour, your helicopter is allowed to descend into the Canyon and land on the bottom near the Colorado River. As you can imagine, these tours are popular, so they sell out fast, and that’s why you need to go online and buy your tour as soon as you can. It’s a good idea to book your tour when you make your hotel reservations so you don’t put it off and forget. Waiting too long means you risk paying more for your seats if you can find any available. sport tape

Helicopter Tours Of The Canyon

The tour helicopters that fly out of Vegas pass over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam along the way, so you get an impressive aerial view of these famous landmarks too. The air-only tours then fly around the West Rim so you can see all the main highlights, and then the helicopter heads back to the city. If you opt for a landing tour instead of an air tour, you’ll have more time to spend at the Canyon. Taking a landing tour is the way to go because it is filled with a lot of fun things to do. The tour that flies down to the Canyon floor is very popular, and it even comes with a Champagne picnic that is a perfect touch for Valentine’s Day. The Skywalk is on the West Rim too, so you’ll get the chance to experience standing on the glass bridge that’s suspended 4000 feet above the floor of the Canyon if you’re brave enough to try it.

If you want to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim from Vegas, you’ll begin with a plane ride to the rim and then you’ll choose a 30 or 50 minute helicopter tour. The shorter flight tours the North and South Rims. The longer tour goes over the South and North Rims and also includes a jaunt to the eastern boundary of the park, so in all, it covers about 75 percent of the whole National Park. It is worth the extra expense to take the longer tour because you see so much of the park.

Canyon Plane Tours

Although the airplanes follow the same flight path as the helicopters that fly out of Vegas, there are a couple of differences, such as the airplanes fly higher and they can’t fly into the Canyon and land on the bottom. Also, the airplanes can transport 19 people per tour and the helicopters can only take six. That makes an airplane tour the best choice when you’re traveling with a big group of people.

Airplanes can’t fly to the bottom, but they can land on top of the rim, so you can still enjoy all the fun activities at the Canyon including taking a helicopter ride to the Canyon floor. When you take a plane tour of the South Rim, your airplane follows the same path as the longer helicopter tour. If you want a land experience at the South Rim, you can add on a scenic 2 1/2 hour bus tour through the park. puertomaldonadotours

Airplane tours are more affordable, but you do have the tradeoff of diminished visibility as compared to a helicopter tour. When you take a tour on a deluxe helicopter, you get panoramic views from a wraparound windscreen on the chopper, but when you fly on an airplane, your views are limited to the sights you can see outside the window by your seat.


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