Top Tips to Make Your Sports Bets

Wii Sports is one of the most enjoyable Wii games to play. It makes great use of the Wii technology and the movements are intuitive. There are a few tips; however, they will help you on your quest to become a Wii Sports pro.


* Keep your wrist relaxed. Raise the Wii-mote into the air to throw the ball to serve . Just before the ball is at its highest point, flick your wrist forward and you will hit a fast serve. sporttipp

* Swing soon on volleys and ground strokes to hit the ball cross-court.

* Swing late on volleys and ground strokes to hit the ball down the line.

* Get the computer opponent running back and forth and go for the winner when they start to sweat (this means the computer is getting tired). olcsobbszerviz


* Avoid swinging at splitters. You can identify them because the ball does not spin as it moves toward you. Splitters are never a strike.

* If you are a right-handed hitter, the best pitches to hit are a right-handed curve ball or a left-handed screwball. Swing at them when you are hitting, but do not throw them when you are pitching.

* If you are a left-handed hitter, dugulva the best pitches to hit are a left-handed curve ball or a right-handed screwball. Swing at them when you are hitting, but do not throw them when you are pitching.

* The computer has trouble hitting slow outside pitches, so throw them often.


* The ball will curve if you twist the Wii-mote as you are bowling the ball before you let go of the B button.

* You can over spin the ball so try to find just the right amount of spin. The best seems to be starting with your palm facing the ceiling, then finishing with your palm facing the wall to your left if you are right-handed (i.e. turn your wrist a quarter turn counterclockwise while making your bowling motion). zoldfulprogram

* If you do the quarter turn with your wrist, aim at the arrow that is furthest to the right (if you are right-handed). This will put just the right amount of spin on the ball to get a strike.


* Pay attention to the wind as it really makes a big difference in the path your ball travels.

* When putting, press 1 to see the curvature of the green and line up your shot.

* When putting, press 2 to get closer to the ground to examine the green.

* When putting, the distance your ball travels is proportional to how high you bring the Wii-mote after your back swing. Take a few practice swings to make sure you have the right height. ajandekozni


* Turn the nunchuck and the Wii-mote slightly toward each other to get your boxing gloves into a defensive blocking position.

* Use the nunchuck to throw quick jabs to keep your opponent off balance.

* Do not throw jabs too quickly after one another. If you get the right rhythm down, you can throw jab after jab so that it is almost impossible for your opponent to hit you.

* After landing a jab, throw a hook with the Wii-mote.

* To throw a hook, epit-esz twist the Wii-mote or nunchuck one quarter turn to the outside (e.g. if the Wii-mote is pointed at the ceiling, twist it quickly so it points directly to your right if you are right-handed).

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