Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Story Lines

When writing creatively, it is rather ironic that as writers we often put ourselves in a box and then refuse to think outside of it. It is hardly creative! This is particularly true when it comes to developing the story line for your work. We pick a plot line and then stick to it come hell or high water.

It is the rare writer that develops one story line from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong, many writers focus on one plot but other ideas pop in and out all the time. Trying to zero in on one story for a longer period, particularly when writing a novel, 모바일홀덤 can lead you to some really serious problems with writer block. It just isn’t easy to write from point A to point Z without failing to come up with something interesting at point D, J, M and S.

What about these other ideas that pop up from time-to-time? If you ignore these moments of inspiration, you are making a mistake. You should be writing them down in a journal or on your computer or somewhere. I prefer a journal because it makes it easier to flip through them that opening and closing files on the computer. Regardless, these little jots of story line are worth their weight in gold when you start to bog down in your writing.

Mixing and matching stories is something most writers immediately frown upon. I used to be this way, but suggest you reconsider the notion. Sooner or later, your flow of writing is going to hit the metaphorical dam. When it does, whip out your collection of story snippets. Reading through these little snippets is like eating creative writing food.

Are any of the snippets likely to fit directly into your story line? You might be able to massage them into the plot, but the positive effect will probably be a bit more indirect. Instead of solving your plot problem, the snippets will get you thinking again. Each little story line nugget can give you some inspiration to create a twist for your current writing that just might get you over the dam in your plot line.


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